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Complete auction stats

Quibids and Dealdash auction stats

We track every auction on Quibids and Dealdash. In our Chrome extension you can see all details of current active auctions. Also there is complete stats of completed auctions.

Full bidder history

Quibids and Dealdash bidders history

We also track all bidders data, on which auction user participate, how many bids placed, how many won auctions, how many lost auctions and many other analytics data for today, yesterday, in last 7 days

Quick fire autobidder

Quibids and Dealdash autobidder

BidPanther’s quick fire auto-bidder can place bids at the last possible moment which means you only bid when you need to ultimately saving you bids and keeping you in the auction longer.

Competitive advantage

Get advantage over competition

Use all features of our software and gain advantage over your competition. Our detailed statistics about bidders and auctions will help you to understand behaviour of other bidders in auctions.

Win more with less

Save and earn money

Our software has many useful features which will help you save money and bids and win more auctions than ever. Try our BidPanther Chrome extension and see for your self.

Support and communication

Get in touch

If you have any problems, you can always contact us via contact form and our support team will immediately assist you. You can also communicate with other BidPanther users about bidding strategies and other doubts to get even better experience.

How BidPanther Will Take Your Game to the Next Level

How can BidPanther help me win?

BidPanther servers track every bid placed so that no matter when you join the auction you’ll know exactly how many bids the competition has placed putting you in a position to place bids at just the right time to take advantage drop points.

Detailed bidder and product analytics give you an insider’s edge to win more with less. With detailed bidder stats, you’ll know which bidders aggressively use voucher bids and which players are flagrant over-bidders. In addition, you’ll get a compete history of every bidder on QuiBids. BidPanther goes even further with advanced product analytics that increase your odds of winning via proven entry points like the Straddle Method and the Hot Price for every product. By knowing the ideal entry points and exactly when to enter an auction you’ll outlast your opponents…and WIN!

Our Quick Fire Auto-Bidder is like a Bid-O-Matic on steroids giving you more control over your bid placement with an accuracy of a tenth of a second on the auction clock! While your location and internet speed can affect your bid placement, some users have reported placing bids as low as 0.2 seconds, but you will need to experiment on your own to optimize your bid timer. Bidding under 1 second on the auction clock translates into saved bids, longer auction endurance and winning more often!

BidPanther Pro enables your browser to:

  • Know everything about your competition
  • See total bids placed per bidder
  • Access advanced analytics on the fly
  • Place bids automatically
  • Utilize live price prediction technology
  • Exploit the straddle method & hot price points
  • Place bids more effectively
  • See unavailable auctions
  • See complete auction history
  • Win more with less

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