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Software Features

Explore all BidPanther features

Quick Fire


Just like in the wild west, the fastest gun wins! BidPanther’s last-second auto-bidder can bid with only a fraction of a second on the clock meaning you place less bids than your competition.



Walk into any auction and see exactly how many bids your competition has placed so you can strategically bid at just the right time to win.



Knowing everything about your competition gives you an advantage to master the competition. Instantly know which bidders abuse voucher bids and which overbid. Avoiding tough power bidders and spotting inexperienced bidders will increase with win rate.



Access the proven price points QuiBids doesn’t want you to know about to increase your win percentage by up to 68%! Start bidding at the proven Straddle Method points and you will outlast your competition resulting in more wins.

Live Price


BidPanther’s Price Prediction technology serves as an activity baseline cluing you in auctions with too much or too little bidding activity.



Gauge the auction intensity with Bids Per Minute (BPM). A BPM below 12 signals the auction is coming to an end and above 16 signals a bidding war.


Does your strategy include bidding towards the end of the auction when bidders are low on bids? Use BidPanther’s anti-lockout feature to stay in any auction.


Chat with other BidPanther users inside any auction.

Price Compare

Base your bidding strategy on real-world product prices instead of inflated QuiBids “Value Prices”.

Activity Alert

BidPanther prevents those pesky inactivity alerts from kicking you out of the auction and forcing a page refresh. With BidPanther you’ll be ready to bid when the time is right.

Live List of Auctions

Always get a compete list of live auctions anywhere on the internet with BidPanther’s hot link to all live auctions (even the hidden ones)

Free Trial

Start winning today at no cost. Give BidPanther a try for FREE.


Bidding History

See overview of users’ bids for a given auction. For Quibids color represents percentage of voucher bids on won auctions, for Dealdash it represents number of wins. Hovering over colored rectangle shows more info. Hovering over name shows Bidder Stats.

Bidder Stats

Show many useful information, like placed bids, number and percentage of wins and loses, and many more. All this info is available for today, yesterday and for the period of last 7 days.