How to Win at QuiBids

So you are looking for a sure-fire strategy on how to win more on QuiBids? There are plenty of tips and strategies out there for maximizing your bidding potential but none of it quite compares to the leg up given by Quibids software. Here we will explain what it does, how it works, and which particular product is the best for you.

Bidding software provides a variety of features that help take the guesswork out of penny auctions to propel you to more wins while spending less of your precious bids. This easily installed plug-in for your internet browser makes sense of a service that can seem confusing and even overwhelming at times. Quibids software will handle the brunt of the analysis and present it to you in an easily consumed fashion, allowing you to sit back and carefully pick your next move.

A quick search shows that there are quite a few different options when it comes to bidding software, each boasting similar but slightly different features and varying sales pitches. We’ve found the best and most respected Quibids software out there to be BidPanther. It’s available for both Firefox and Google Chrome and you can download it either from or directly through the add-ons section of whichever of the two browsers you prefer.

BidPanther has both free and paid versions

Once you’ve got it installed and have restarted your browser, BidPanther will then completely transform what you see the next time you log into Quibids. You’ll now be greeted with trends for the past week, month, or ninety days, including minimum, maximum, and average ending prices for whichever product you happen to be viewing at that particular moment. It will give you information for each day of the week and every hour of each day. The tool will show you how to win at QuiBids with a few simple clicks.

You’ll have access to a list of all the past auctions for your product of choice, allowing you to view things like how long the auction lasted, the username of the winning bidder, and the final price. When looking at an active auction, you’ll be given a breakdown of every bid made so far. There will also be a summary of the auction to that point with stats like the total number of bidders and the percentage of bids made with Bid-O-Matic. BidPanther will even give you access to hidden auctions that you couldn’t see without it.

Find free QuiBids stats here.

how to win at quibids