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BidPanther is a Google Chrome browser extension that transforms every auction window into an informative heads up display to help you win on Quibids or Dealdash. We monitor everything happening on QuiBids, Dealdash down to the microsecond so that you will always have the most up to date information on every auction. This give you a powerful advantage because you will know how many bids your competition has placed as well as what kind of bidder they are. BidPanther also sports the Quick-Fire Auto-Bidder that can place bids with as little as 0.2 seconds on the auction clock (results may vary) which means you only bid when you have to resulting in increased auction longevity.

There are three main features that give you an advantage over other players.

  1. Knowing how many bids every bidder has placed in every auction. This means knowing when to place bids resulting in a more effective bidding strategy as well as increased odds of winning.
  2. The Quick-Fire Auto-Bidder increases your bid precision so that you only bid when you absolutely have to which ultimately stretches your bids so that you can stay in the auction longer.
  3. Historical data and advanced statistics provide you with insight on the competition’s bidding patterns as well as access proven entry points for every auction. Entering the auction at the right time means you’ll be in the winner’s circle more often.

BidPanther has several cloud-based servers that are constantly monitoring the QuiBids and DealDash site. We log every bid placed by every user and store them in a remote database which is then relayed to your BidPanther enabled browser. All of this data gives you instant access to every bid placed in any auction as well as access tons of historical data on your competitors and products you’re bidding on.

A computer with Google Chrome installed, a QuiBids or DealDash account and some bids.

Computers built with cybernetic Panther brains of course! Ok, we have not wired panther brains into computers (not yet at least..) What we actually did was took tons of auction data directly from QuiBids (over 20,000 auctions) and fed it into a super computer to spit out a highly advanced and accurate formula to predict the ending price of the auction and wired it into you BidPanther auction display. This formula will monitor the live auction for changes to predict the selling price of the auction and is highly secretive so you are not going to find it with any other so called tracking software. We can’t tell you everything, but what we can say is we look at the total number of bidders, what time the auction started, if there is a Bid-O-Matic present, the auction type, and a few other variables to predict the closing price. Because some of this data changes (like total bidders) the prediction will change throughout the auction.

No, BidPanther is NOT affiliated with, sponsored by or endorsed by QuiBids.

No, not unless you tell someone. Since BidPanther is a browser extension QuiBids see you as a regular Google Chrome user. We go even further by encrypting all information between our servers and your browser as well as other builtin security measures just to make sure your are nobody will know you are using BidPanther.

Important: Do NOT tell anybody at QuiBids that you’re using or have used BidPanther. They frown upon the use of this software and it can get your account frozen, locked and/or deactivated if you were to tell them.

Absolutely! You can download our BidPanther strategy guide by clicking below:

We have a live chat feature active on Monday-Friday 8am-8pm where you can ask us anything. You can also send us an email on our Contact Page and we’ll respond ASAP. If all else fails then please give us a call at 855-802-8394

BidPanther Pro is fully unlocked and all features are available whereas Basic is an extremely downgraded version. With Basic you will not have access to Bidder History/Stats, most product statistics are hidden, and the auto-bidder is disabled.

QuiBids is a shopping website and we feel access to information makes you a better shopper. We also believe complete transparency of the penny auction arena. That means knowing everything about other bidders so that you know you are being treated fairly. Simply taking QuiBids’ word that they are treating their users fairly is a form of policing themselves. BidPanther helps users see that auction limits are being enforced and that everyone is being treated fairly.


Installing BidPanther is simple.

  1. Download and install Google Chrome web browser for your computer (PC and MAC).
  2. After installing Google Chrome,

    You need to use Google Chrome to install BidPanther.

    Install BidPanther

  3. Navigate to a live QuiBids auction and you will be asked to login to BidPanther.

You need to have either have a PC with Windows XP or higher OR you can have a Mac with OS X 10.5 or higher.

You also need to be running the latest version of either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

We have not tested BidPanther on any of these devices. Feel free to give it a try and let us know.

  1. Open Chrome
  2. In the upper right corner of the browser, click the 3 horizontal bars
  3. Click Settings followed by Extensions
  4. Click the trash can next to the BidPanther Extension

Note: BidPanther can also be disabled by unchecking the BidPanther selection box


Sometimes when you upgrade from a Basic account to a Pro account BidPanther still thinks you’re a Basic user. No worries, there is a simple fix. Please do the following:

BidPanther Reset:

Open chrome browser and click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Then click settings, then history. Now select “clear browsing history” and check the following: Cached images and files; Cookies and other site data; Hosted app data. Now click clear browsing data button. Close chrome and reopen it. Now navigate back to a QuiBids auction and login to BidPanther again.

Sometimes when you open a quibids auction BidPanther loads, but there is no data. This can happen for a variety of reasons, however here is a list of solutions.

Enable Cookies: Be sure you have enabled cookies for your web browser. Disabling cookies or running your browser in a privacy mode will interfere with BidPanther and will cause login problems and may disable many of the BidPanther features.

Disable Ad Blockers: Please disable any ad blocking software like adblock or PrivDog. Ad blocking and privacy software can also interfere with BidPanther causing many features and/or data to not work. If your privacy software is causing the problem, but you want to keep it enabled for other internet browsing then please add BidPanther to an acceptable list of programs/extensions. You may need to add the following domains to the safe list: and

If All Else Fails: If the first two steps above do not solve your problem then please try resetting BidPanther. This solves 90% of the problems:

BidPanther Reset:

Open chrome browser and click the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner. Then click settings, then history. Now select “clear browsing history” and check the following: Cached images and files; Cookies and other site data; Hosted app data. Now click clear browsing data button. Close chrome and reopen it. Now navigate back to a QuiBids auction and login to BidPanther again.

You may be using a BidPanther Basic (Free Plan) account which has very limited features. To check visit a QuiBids auction, login to BidPanther and on the Auction Vitals tab you should see a statement “Thank You For Choosing BidPanther Pro/Basic” If it says Basic, then that is why you do not have access to many of the features. If it says Pro then please try the try resetting your Chrome browser.

Please be sure you account is active and that your last payment was successful. Sometimes your credit card will expire causing your billing to fail resulting in being downgraded to a BidPanther Basic account. You can update your billing info by logging into your account or contact support for more help.

Updates to BidPanther should occur automatically, but if you want/need to manually for an update then please do the following:

  1. Open your Chrome browser
  2. Click the 3 horizontal lines on the top right of the browser
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Extensions
  5. Click the box for Developer Mode
  6. Click the button “Update Extensions Now” to force an update to the latest version.


Simply login into your BidPanther account and you may update your password under the Account Management page then under “Change Account Settings” section.

If you have forgotten your password and need to have it reset then you may reset it here: Password Reset Page

Upgrading is super simple. Just login to your BidPanther account, click Members’ Area Account Management then do the following:

If You Do Not Yet Have a Payment Method on File
  1. Add a payment method under “Change Billing” and click submit. Important: make sure the First and Last Name on the account matches the first and last on your credit card. If it does not then update this under “Change Account Settings” before adding a payment method.
  2. Choose any BidPanther Pro Package.
  3. Enter any promo codes if you have them.
  4. Click Submit
If You Already Have a Payment Method on File
  1. Choose any BidPanther Pro Package.
  2. Enter any promo codes if you have them
  3. Click Submit

Account cancellation is super simple. Just login to your BidPanther account, click Members’ Area > Account Management then at the bottom of the page click the button that says “Unsubscribe”.  That’s all. Your billing profile will be deactivated and you can come back anytime.

No hidden fees! That means no setup fees or extra charges. You only pay for the plan you register for.

Please Note: Our billing system does verify your credit card by placing a temporary authorization of $1 which will be removed in 24 hours. We have to do this to cut down on fraudulent accounts.

The $1 charge you see is actually a temporary authorization to verify your credit card is active and that you are in fact, a real human being. The authorization hold is usually removed within 24 hours.

It’s not easy monitoring every bid placed on QuiBids and it’s definitely not cheap. First, we have to pay for our cloud servers as well as to have the software developed to monitor QuiBids. Then we have to host everything on a fast server so that BidPanther users can access the data quickly. Finally we are constantly working on making BidPanther better which results in continuous development costs. In other words, we have to charge a fee to stay in business. Oh, and if we just gave BidPanther away for free then the software wouldn’t really be helpful.